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Weekly Inspirations: June 9th, 2017

Here are the things that I think are worth reading and checking out this week:

Designing a Visual System at Scale

About a year ago, I took on the challenge of leading the effort to design a cohesive visual system for all of Facebook’s business products — the tools businesses use to connect to billions of people around the world. While each of the tools performed their intended functions well, they weren’t delivering a satisfying overall experience or inspiring the confidence of the businesses who were entrusting their growth to us. Our UI patterns, use of color, and iconography all varied from product to product. The overall experience looked not only out of date but also out of touch with the Facebook that these professionals were using in their personal lives. We wanted to craft a consistent, satisfying, human experience worthy of the value our business products can unlock for both companies and people. We also wanted to demonstrate our commitment to those businesses by improving the tools they count on.
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Three Simple Principles for Creative Leadership

Over the years, I’ve been privileged to build and be part of various talented teams. Through trial and error, I’ve collected a handful of insights and organically formed a simple framework comprised of three core principles: Inspire, Direct, and Support. As a leader, ask yourself three questions: Does the team feel inspired? Does the team have clarity on direction? Does the team have enough support?
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The Top 40 UX Books of All Time – As recommended by UX Designers

We asked our favourite UX Designers as well as the UX Review mentors for their top UX books of all time. Not all of the books are specifically UX based – some are general design or psychology books but they have all inspired a UX Designer somewhere.
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Building a design-driven culture

Think about a product you recently bought. Now think about the experience you had buying and using that product. Increasingly, it’s difficult to separate these two elements, and we’re actually seeing many cases where customers prioritize the experience of buying and using a product over the performance of the product itself. In fact, customer experience is becoming a key source of competitive advantage as companies look to transform how they do business.
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‘Emotion Is The New Currency Of Experience,’ Adobe’s VP Of Strategy Tells Summit Participants

All businesses are now experience businesses, and that means they need to forge new connections with consumers’ emotions. That was the message from John Mellor, vice-president of strategy, alliances, and marketing at Adobe Systems, as he opened the second day of Adobe Summit EMEA at ExCel Centre, London. What new experiences you could develop for customers, making them truly feel something, is a great place to start. “Emotion is the new currency of experience,” Mellor said. “Marketers love experiences, we love developing them for our brands, and customers love them too. They’re meaningful because they create an emotional reaction as well as a physiological reaction. When you deal with experiences, you deal with emotion.”
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Finally the time comes. Within one minute, 10 orders have rolled in. By 9:04, that number has doubled. People are browsing the site from the UK, South Korea, Hong Kong, looking at images of limited-edition products. If they’re interested, they enter their address and payment informa­tion. If they want a hat, it’ll cost $10. For a T-shirt it’s $15. Hoodies are $20. To be clear, these aren’t prices for the shirts, hats, and hoodies; they’re the prices would-be shoppers pay to have a shot at buying the damn things when the apparel brand Supreme opens its own website and stores at 11 am.
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