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Weekly Inspirations: June 16th, 2017

Here are the things that I think are worth reading and checking out this week:

What We Learned at the 2017 99U Conference

At 99U, we talk a lot  about the creative community and there was no better representation of that than the audience, speakers, and partners of the 9th annual 99U Conference. Together, they represented 661 cities spread across six continents who traveled to New York City for three days and nights of speakers, Studio Sessions hosted by top creative organizations, and rollicking parties. While most events might wait until their 10th anniversary to throw a big anniversary celebration, 99U fittingly pulled out all the stops for our 9th edition. We had thought-provoking main stage talks from leaders at brands like Instagram, Airbnb, and Pentagram, on everything from the BS of design thinking to navigating career paths in this age of disruption.
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7 tips to create high functioning design teams (Part 1)

I recently spoke at the Managing Design conference in Sydney about the growth of design at Atlassian, from only 6 designers to a design team of 120+ in just 4 years. It was a great day, all about the emerging but still niche topic of managing large design teams. The slides and audio for that talk can be found here, but I have pulled out practical tips for managing design teams into a two-part blog series.
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Amazon Alexa Voice Design Guide

Amazon recently launched with voice design guideline which is one of the first and most robust that I’ve seen. Designing for voice driven experiences is very different than traditional digital experience design and I see many creatives struggling with it so this is a great resource to help with that problem.
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Hulu’s New UX Is Beautiful–And Frustrating

Cable killed the television antenna and now it too is facing obsolescence.  Streaming services are slowly chipping away at cable’s customer base, as they upend how we watch our favorite shows and attempt to reprogram how we watch television. Last month the streaming service Hulu launched a beta version of Hulu Live, an ambitious cable alternative that lets viewers tune into live shows from networks like CBS, FOX, ESPN, Bravo, CNN, and more for $40 a month–a fraction of the cost of a typical subscription. Viewers can access content on their mobile devices and on their televisions, and Hulu Live gives subscribers the option to record shows for later viewing. The idea is to bring users the convenience of anytime, anywhere streaming with the instant gratification of live television.
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Today, many companies recognize the transformative power of design to build better products and become more customer-centric. From startups to enterprises, leaders are tackling the challenge of how to become a design-driven organization. InVision recently gathered a panel of design leaders navigating the challenges of scaling design in the enterprise.
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Functionality vs Emotions in Mobile Interface Animation

Let’s start off by pointing out that we’ll be talking about the practical applications of animation in terms of the effort and expediency its use entails. Creating an animation design is obviously much easier than transforming it into reality, and programming animations can seriously lengthen the time spent on app development. This is exactly why most animations get stuck in the concept phase and stagnate unrealized in a designer’s portfolio.
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