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Weekly Inspirations: November 3rd, 2017

Here are the things that I think are worth reading and checking out this week:


This year marked a sea change in our attitude toward tech’s largest players — and not for the better. Facebook, with a user base twice the size of the Western Hemisphere, seems to be in the midst of an identity crisis: CEO Mark Zuckerberg spent much of 2017 on a national tour that The New York Times billed as a “real-world education.” Meanwhile, the platform has become embroiled in a national debate that started with fake news and has evolved into an investigation into how the Russian government weaponized the network to influence the 2016 presidential election. Next week, the company will be brought to testify in front of Congress on the matter.
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If You Feel The Need To Call Yourself An Expert, You’re Probably Not One

It absolutely blows my mind when I pull up a resume and someone has identified him or herself as an “expert”. First of all… just why?! Why would you EVER do that? If a person is considered an expert, they’ve gained that title by kicking out incredible, industry recognized work. If a person is an “expert” people in their industry will already know who they are. They don’t need to write “expert” next to their own names, they’re known. I could rattle off a handful of people I consider true experts in the UX field. But only a handful.
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Technology and the devices you design for are changing faster every day. That’s why we’re giving you the power to help design for the future of the smartphone—with a new device type for prototypes right inside InVision. Apple’s iPhone X, complete with rounded edge-to-edge display and an updated aspect ratio, changes how you’ll design. Not only do you need to accommodate the new screen size, but you also have to design around the notch. New notch? No problem. Choose the iPhone X as a device type the moment you start working.
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5 Things The World’s Most Original Thinkers Have in Common

Originals drive creativity, innovation and ultimately change the world. History’s best minds have a lot of things in common. Every great achievement you have heard about or probably used came from exceptional thinking. From Einstein to Jobs, and Musk, here are five things the world’s greatest minds have in common.
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Recently, a team of consultants at my Arlington-based firm, Excella Consulting, decided we wanted to use our free time in the evenings and weekends to take a stab at changing the world. We wanted to take our skills from our day jobs in change management, business analysis, development, user experience, and visual design to create something impactful, and we’re lucky enough to work at a place that encourages that. But where to start?
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