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Weekly Inspirations: December 15th, 2017

Here are the things that I think are worth reading and checking out this week:

Why Designers Need to Start Thinking About Blockchain

Blockchain is a relatively new technology that will soon replace the underlying structure for a lot of the applications and services we use today, including systems for managing our finances, tracking our health, and determining how we connect, transact, and communicate with each other. So, while it’s tempting to write off blockchains as something to leave to the coders, the potential human impact is too big to ignore. There will be user experiences, communications, and other completely new elements that will need to be carefully designed. At IDEO CoLab, we explore the potential of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and the Distributed Web by building prototypes in quarterly sprints. A crucial part of our mission is considering human-centered values in the process of building for the future—creating things the world actually needs, not just more technology.
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Team Models for Scaling a Design System

Back in the day, design systems were pretty easy to understand. My day was a cool afternoon in September 2006, and I’d just immersed myself as a designer using’s living style guide (we called it a component library, for the record). Even by today’s standards, that system remains the most formidable, mind-blowing web-based component library I’ve ever seen: 1,000s of component variations, each comprised of modular HTML, CSS, and JavaScript goodness.
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Pinterest Sees The Future

This particular avocado was set on a boardroom table in Pinterest’s San Francisco headquarters. Surrounded by half a dozen colleagues, Albert Pereta approached the fruit and carefully aimed his phone. The creative director from Pinterest was testing the company’s latest invention, a feature called Lens, which–if it performed correctly–would not only identify the fruit but also search through billions of photos that had been uploaded to the service for the past seven years to find similar images. Pereta snapped the photo. The app took a few moments to sync with the cloud, and then pulled up the results. Pereta’s screen filled with a seemingly endless scroll of ripe, skin-on avocados photographed from every conceivable angle.
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Aconex : Why organizations don’t value design (and four ways to overcome this)

I’ve been a design and user experience (UX) professional for over twenty years. During my first job at a consulting firm, I led the creation of a new software tool and promptly wanted to know, ‘Who’s using this?’ Consultants engaged with the client; not the users. That’s how my professional engagement in human-centered design began: identifying and connecting with the person who will be using the product and learning what their problems are. Recently, I spoke on a Sydney-based podcast about how organizations generally don’t value the importance of design. It’s hard to measure design and user experience because it’s not tangible. So how can designers and product professionals influence organizations to see the value in design? But wait – what do I mean when I say ‘design’?
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Over the last two years, our product and engineering teams have been working tirelessly to essentially rebuild InVision from scratch. The new InVision—codename: V7—runs on an entirely new code base, is remarkably fast, and redefines collaboration across teams and stakeholders. It also comes with a whole new look.
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