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Weekly Inspirations: December 29th, 2017

Here are the things that I think are worth reading and checking out this week:

Why Great Teams Embrace Remote Work

There are many great theories as to why remote work gives companies an edge, but what does it look like in practice? After years of growing and evolving remote work culture at Trello, we’re ready to tell you how and why we’ve made it a successful part of our team culture. Plus, get actionable advice from innovative remote teams at Automattic, Atlassian, Buffer, Evernote, InVision, Litmus, Stack Overflow, UNICEF and Zapier too!
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User Research Masterclass: Part One

Before starting any new UX research project, there’s a simple question you must answer first: what do I want to learn? It seems obvious. But how many research projects start with techniques — let’s interview customers, let’s do a diary study, let’s run a survey — before asking the most important question: what do I want to learn? Starting from this point will give you a clearer set of project goals, and make it easy to choose the right techniques for your research. This cheat sheet lists the top 10 things UX people want to know, and the best ways to collect data and generate insight for each one. Refer to it when you’re starting your next research project.
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The 8 Most Common Mistakes When Positioning A Brand And what to do about it.

I have helped companies of all sizes and shapes in both Europe and the U.S. develop compelling brand positioning platforms and engaging brand stories. Along the way, I’ve come across the 8 most common mistakes organizations make when developing their brand positioning platforms. I hope you’ll find this list valuable and inspiring.
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How To Brainstorm Like A Pro

When brainstorming works, it feels amazing. After an hour or so your group has imagined wonderful new things that didn’t exist yesterday. But there are a few tricks to getting it right. Here’s a simple workflow that we use to plan and get the most out of brainstorming (we use Milanote for brainstorming, but these steps work just as well with other apps or a pile of sticky notes and pens).
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The Idea of Luxury Is Changing, Here’s Why

Back in the ’90s, if someone asked you to describe something luxurious, they’d probably give you a dictionary definition of whatever was in vogue at that moment. It was hyped and expensive; it was probably unobtainable and that sheer exclusivity signified its value. Now, the idea of what is considered luxury is shifting. It’s becoming less about purely unobtainable, expensive product and more towards ideas, mindsets, or even abstract ideas like time itself. The values we associate to what is luxurious now are just as important, if not more important, than what a product actually is.
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Netflix Is Even Personalizing Its Graphic Design To You Now

Netflix is spending $7 billion on content next year–content that’s been shaped largely by Netflix’s own data on what people like to watch. And of course, Netflix will ensure you see the content you’re most interested in, because each person’s queue is shaped by the company’s habit-tracking algorithms. But in fact, Netflix’s extreme personalization goes even deeper than that. According to a new post by Netflix itself, the company goes so far as to customize the artwork you see for films and shows based upon what you’ve clicked in the past. Yes, that means that you and I may see at least nine different permutations of a cover for Stranger Things, simply based upon our viewing habits.
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