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Weekly Inspirations: February 9th, 2018

Here are the things that I think are worth reading and checking out this week:

Augmented Reality: How We’ll Bring the News Into Your Home

It is a new pathway that can lead away from the abstract depiction of objects and toward a more visceral sense of real-life scale and physicality. Stories that describe our three-dimensional world can be delivered in the round, in front of you. Want a closer look at that sculpture? No need to pinch your phone’s screen to zoom. Just walk up to it. For a different angle, there’s no swiping to the next image. Just walk around it.
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Your sketch library is not a design system

You can write words explaining how to properly use a toaster, draw pictures of toasters, and even create more efficient ways to draw pictures of toasters. But at the end of the day, if you don’t have a functioning toaster, all that effort is for naught. In my design system workshops at design conferences, I’ll ask attendees where they are in their design system journey. Most hands go up when I ask them if their organization has a design system in place. However, when I ask to see them, a lot of attendees will show me a Sketch library or a style guide website with plenty of screenshots and prose, but lacking in living, breathing UI components.
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Designers—especially new ones—often overlook corporate strategy. I think it might be because so few designers are involved in defining that strategy. It may also be because some companies expect their designers to just walk in and magically solve big problems. When designers don’t understand their company’s goals and expectations for the launch of a new product or the implementation of a new feature, it’s the same as not knowing the end user. That lack of knowledge makes it really, really tough to solve problems.
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Miquela Sousa Is Fashion’s First Computer Generated Influencer

From the Gorillaz to Hatsune Miku, virtual celebrities have been around for decades, releasing content and collaborating with real-life artists. So why should virtual social influencers be any different? Miquela Sousa, better known as @lilmiquela on Instagram is a 19-year-old, Los Angeles-based, Brazilian/Spanish model and musician who endorses brands like Chanel and Supreme on her platform, as well as social causes like Black Lives Matter. Although her responses and actions are all computer generated, Sousa refuses to be looked at any other way than as an individual. “I’d like to be described as an artist or a singer or something that denotes my craft rather than focus on the superficial qualities of who I am,” Sousa told BoF in their recent interview. Check out the full interview on BoF and an excerpt of it below.
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It’s no secret that the creative industry can drain you of ideas, but I’ve found that creativity is like a muscle. If you don’t use it, it gets weaker. You must constantly use your creative muscle, or at the very least stimulate it on a consistent level, so that whenever you’re asked for a great idea, you can pull one out. But how do you stay inspired and work that muscle on a consistent basis?
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Portfolio Design: Here’s 4 things mine had to be successful at.

I did it! Don’t ask me how long it took. It’s ridiculous. Designing a portfolio from scratch requires so much effort and thoughts, even when you don’t plan to. You know what I mean 🙂 But hey! I’m stepping into a fresh new year, a new adventure, so it was time to take some time to design something for me. And this design had to do few things that my previous portfolio did not do.
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Product Design Concept: Sketch iPad

Sketch iPad is a product design concept created an shared by Andrii Bondar on his Behance page. When I saw the post for a moment I thought it was real but then checking it was clear it was an exercise. That said, I still dream on seeing a tool like Sketch being ported to a tablet. Many times I tried to switch from a laptop to a tablet, however there’s no tools that would allow me to do my work. This concept highlights some good things but awesome some of the biggest challenges, in my opinion, the tap targets that the finger requires for accuracy. It’s an excellent exercise for sure, definitely worth checking it out.
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