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Weekly Inspirations: April 6th, 2018

Here are the things that I think are worth reading and checking out this week:

Quiet By Design: Naomi Campbell Interviews Jony Ive

I’m on the outskirts of Cupertino in California, visiting a gargantuan building that looks like a spaceship: a newly built, glass-walled office that has recently become home to the £650 billion Apple empire. There’s also a 175-acre campus with a forest of drought-resistant trees that, they tell me, are designed to encourage morning jogs, a 100,000sq ft wellness centre and a canteen where you can place your lunch order using iPads and facial recog-ni-tion. Everything here is custom-made: even the pizza boxes are engineered to prevent the crusts from going soggy. It might have cost £3.6 billion, but as I head to the canteen for a very special audience, Apple Park looks exactly like the friendly face of a tech revolution – after all, that’s what has made it the most valuable brand in the world.
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Henry Rollins and Mercedes Explore the Vulnerable Side of ‘Toughness’ in Branded Content Series

Warrior-poet Henry Rollins has long been known for both his tough, muscular facade and the emotionally complex creative soul within. Discovering fame as punk band Black Flag’s frontman, Rollins has since become a master of spoken word and storytelling. So while advertising pitchman might seem an odd fit at first for Rollins, it’s clear he was a perfect choice for Mercedes-Benz’s newest branded content series: “Tough Conversations,” an interview podcast and documentary series that analyzes what we mean when we describe someone as “tough.”
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5 Leadership Rules From the Past That Don’t Work Now (If You’re Doing Any Of These, Stop)

I think it’s pretty fair to say that most of us want to be considered a successful leader.However, what worked in the past won’t work now. Rapid change requires agile leaders who think differently and can adapt to the changing times. Leadership is also personal – your leadership style is a reflection of you, however there are some universal rules about leadership you should stop believing right now if your goal is to cultivate a positive and successful work environment – and stay relevant for the future of work. Below are some leadership rules from the past you should avoid.
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There is certainly no shortage of books about creativity. In recent years, writers Austin Kleonand Elizabeth Gilbert have published best-sellers on the subject, joining earlier offerings from choreographer Twyla Tharp and IDEO co-founders Tom and David Kelley. In fact, in the very first pages of his new book Creative Quest, Questlove (aka Ahmir Khalib Thompson) reveals his own skepticism toward the genre. So rather than offer up a how-to manual or argue for creativity as therapy, the Roots drummer, DJ, and Late Night star simply shares his own successes and failures, along with those of friends and collaborators from Ava DuVernay, Bjork, and Neil deGrasse Tyson to David Lynch, Prince, and Usher.
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Fail Safe: Debbie Millman’s Advice on Courage and the Creative Life

The seasonal trope of the commencement address is upon us as wisdom on life is being dispensed from graduation podiums around the world. After Greil Marcus’s meditation on the essence of art and Neil Gaiman’s counsel on the creative life, here comes a heartening speech by artist, strategist, and interviewer extraordinaire Debbie Millman, delivered to the graduating class at San Jose State University. The talk is based on an essay titled “Fail Safe” from her fantastic 2009 anthology Look Both Ways: Illustrated Essays on the Intersection of Life and Design (public library) and which has previously appeared on Literary Jukebox. The essay, which explores such existential skills as living with uncertainty, embracing the unfamiliar, allowing for not knowing, and cultivating what John Keats has famously termed “negative capability,” is reproduced below with the artist’s permission.
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What is your body language saying?

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what’s the impact of a gesture? Communicators often neglect nonverbal communication, a key aspect of interaction. If your words are saying one thing, but your body language is conveying something else, your message could lose credibility. This infographic from Custom Writing details 30 telltale signs of people’s hidden thoughts and emotions.
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InVision acquires design visibility tool Wake

Wake is a design tool focused squarely on supporting design visibility throughout a particular organization. Wake allows companies to share design assets and view work in progress as designers build out their screens, logos, or other designs. Design team leaders, or other higher-ups at the company, can upvote certain design projects or give feedback on specific tweaks. InVision CEO Clark Valberg said that one of the most attractive features of Wake is that sharing on the Wake platform was implicit, rather than on InVision where designers have to take an extra step to upload their prototypes on InVision.
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