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Weekly Inspirations: April 20th, 2018

Here are the things that I think are worth reading and checking out this week:

Design Thinking Is B.S.

What’s missing in design as a practice and as a group of professionals? The one thing I feel is missing is a kind of sense of skepticism from designers. Digital platforms provide an incredible opportunity for us to make our voice heard. But yet at the same time, we don’t really choose the platforms or even the format through which we react with. So you see a condition is that we tend to resort to the things that are provided to us without us really questioning it. This incredibly reduced form of looking at design is very common nowadays–we can just basically click on a button. One out of the three things is awesome or is it really bad and then that is the design criticism that we have right now.
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During Milan Design Week, Instagram introduced a new, official account dedicated only to design. The @design handle offers an inside look at Instagram’s creative team and also features talented, emerging designers from around the world. “By highlighting creators from across disciplines, we hope to showcase the evolving relationship between technology and traditional design,” said Ian Spalter, Head of Design at Instagram, in a blog post on House Beautiful. “We’re just getting started, and we’re looking forward to learning how we can be a useful and supportive part of the community.”
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iOS 12 concept shows off always on display, Lock screen complications, dark mode, and more

A new iOS 12 concept today gives us a new take on how Apple could advance its mobile operating system. A slick new video shows off design ideas for an always-on display, Lock screen complications, group FaceTime calls, a system-wide dark mode and more. Created by Andrew Vega, Maximos Angelakis, and updates, this concept is beautifully designed and executed and has the tagline “Smarter. Faster. Darker.” Check out the video below for a dynamic look at the imagined changes. However, the reality is Apple will likely release a much more tame upgrade with iOS 12 at WWDC this year after reports of Apple putting some major iOS features on hold to focus more on reliability and performance.
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Design systems give product designers and developers reusable, interchangeable components to make the design process efficient and repeatable. They’re a critical part of scaling—so why build everything from scratch when you can plug in pre-built elements? In our newest episode of the DesignBetter.Co Podcast, GitHub’s Design Systems Manager Diana Mounter covers everything from getting design systems buy-in to deciding whether to make your system open source.
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Design for value and growth in a new world

Because customers demand compelling experiences, successful companies create products with a “hook”—a certain look or unique features that meet customer desires and build brand loyalty. At a time when demand is restrained in many sectors and geographies, such products can be a source of differentiated growth. The most successful designs achieve this growth in a commercially viable way by juggling the trade-offs of maximizing customer value within constrained costs. For many years, manufacturers have used the design-to-value (DTV) model to manufacture products at lower costs while retaining the features needed to compete. These principles have now evolved into design for value and growth (D4VG), a new way of creating products that provide exceptional customer experiences. Under D4VG, design not only creates value but also generates growth, through products with the features, form, and functionality that turn customers into loyal fans and leading to above-trend sales.
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