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Weekly Inspirations: July 6, 2018

Here are the things that I think are worth reading and checking out this week:

Major Differences Between A Boss And A Leader In Side-By-Side Illustrations

The world has many bosses but few extraordinary leaders. Understandably, being a frontrunner for your team can be a challenging task. Thankfully there’s the ‘100 Highest Rated CEOs’ of 2018 for you to learn from, as well as these eight side-by-side illustrations—made by Indonesia-based free online store service provider YukBisnis—that illustrates eight major differences between a boss and a leader. These graphics, which range between taking advantage of people versus empowering team members and fixing problems versus blaming others, might really hit home among those who have experienced both ends of the spectrum.
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A Very Useful Work of Fiction – Mental Models in Design

Mental models play an important role in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and interaction design. They relate to the way that a user perceives the world around them and are based in belief as opposed to being a factual concept. However, if you can understand your users mental models you can simulate these models within your designs to make them more usable and intuitive. Mental models are an artefact of belief. They are the beliefs that a user holds about any given system or interaction. In most instances, the belief will – to a certain extent – resemble the real life model. This is important because users will plan and predict future actions within a system based on their mental models.
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What are your thoughts on Dribbblization of Design?

If you’re a designer or are inclined towards design in any way, one platform that would be aware of has to be Dribbble. Dribbble has been one of the pioneers of the design industry. There have been loads of individuals and companies that have benefited and grown their careers around Dribbble. The invite-only model for taking up new users made it an exclusive community with the absolutely passionate users (aka Players) who took it upon themselves to maintain the high standards set by the platform.
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Let’s be real: The UX of getting a job in UX isn’t exactly the best. Job titles mean different things at different companies. Job descriptions are often a mashup of a dream candidate. And the job interview process can be weeks, sometimes months long with many companies asking candidates to do design exercises or mock projects in advance of even meeting in person. Then there’s the UX portfolio. Agree with it or not, the UX portfolio has become a popular prerequisite for most UX positions. A common problem is that UX designers rush to create their portfolio and don’t think about the actual UX of it—the experience that the viewer will have. And more importantly what the portfolio itself, beyond the projects, conveys about them as a designer.
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We’ve all been there—staring at a blank screen, out of ideas, hoping for a flicker of inspiration. The creatives you follow on Instagram and Twitter seem to be putting out an endless stream of amazing work. Meanwhile, you can’t even get started on something. The process of creation is hardly instantaneous—it’s nothing like switching on a light bulb. Instead, it’s the gradual synthesis of your experiences, thoughts, and dreams. To reap more great ideas, you need to sow the seeds for them, every day. Let’s go over some of the best ways you can cultivate creativity in order to do great work consistently.
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No one likes getting passed up for a promotion or project. Especially when you spend years honing technical skills in software development and software product design and you know you deserve it. Long hours. Time-tested products. Happy customers, companies, and clients. But no recognition. Many people know that they need to speak up for themselves and their work. But it’s not that easy for everyone. What will your boss think? Your peers? It’s a competitive world out there and it can be scary to speak in public, especially if you’re a woman. This was all too familiar to me and my business partner, Karen Catlin. We knew that staying heads down and hopeful didn’t work. So we decided it was time to share what we had learned and empower other women to put their stake in the ground with Femgineer’s Confident Communicator Course.
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