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Weekly Inspirations: Aug 3, 2018

Here are the things that I think are worth reading and checking out this week:

How much is a design system worth?

Design systems are becoming more commonplace. Their value is becoming better understood and their impact is growing. However, for large businesses, a design system requires significant investment. This can make them difficult to get sponsorship for. As with any investment, it’s common for senior management to want to understand the potential return. Delivering this with any accuracy is challenging, but in this article I’ve walked through how I approached the problem with a recent client to reason an eight figure return.
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True Leaders Believe Dissent Is an Obligation

These are head-spinning times for those of us who think about the best ways to lead and the most effective ways to compete. What defines acceptable personal behavior (let alone behavior worth emulating) among public officials? Why would executives at so many iconic organizations — Volkswagen, Wells Fargo, FIFA — tolerate behavior so egregious that it threatens the very future of their organizations? How should innovators with a fierce sense of ambition handle the criticisms and objections that inevitably come their way and make sure that confidence does not turn into bombast?
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As a fast-growing online employment marketplace, ZipRecruiter connects job seekers with millions of opportunities, with the goal to help them find meaningful employment. We sat down with Product Designer Jen Donohue Marino to learn how it feels to transition from a one-person design team, what it takes to excel as a woman in the industry, and how to stand out in a job search.
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What Can Bike Sharing Apps Teach Us About Mobile On-boarding Design?

Given the proliferation of bike/scooter sharing services these days, I thought it would be interesting to compare the mobile app on-boarding experiences of the ones I could access. To do so, I went through the new customer flow for six of these services. While the mobile on-boarding I experienced across these services looked really similar, the end result differed dramatically -from me abandoning the process to walking away a delighted customer. Understanding how product design impacted these outcomes is critical for anyone trying to grow a new mobile business.
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When Companies Question the Value of Design

Designers get asked the value of their work all of the time. They never have a good answer. There are good reasons for this. Often, designers don’t actually add value. They tweak colors and shapes of objects on the screen, or they move controls from one side to the other. They change the hamburger menu to a tossed-salad menu. When much of what passes for interaction design is really just visual tweaking, what quantifiable value does it provide? Not much. But far and away, the reason design practitioners don’t add value is that their organizations prevent them from doing so.
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