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Weekly Inspirations: Jan 4, 2019

Here are the things that I think are worth reading and checking out this week:

A love letter

TO MR. OR MS. DESIGn, whoever you may be—a beloved friend, a young designer trying to understand the career that lies ahead, or an abstract idea struggling to find a role within the corporate world and within society—I realize you are considering a move from mere styling to holistic innovation, and you often find yourself stuck in the middle of those two definitions.
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The four layers of communication in a functional team

Functional teams have four layers of communication: A mission (also known as a vision), Strategy (made up of proximate objectives), Tactics and process, and Execution. This list might seem like it includes categories of action—it does. But it’s not just doing these things, but also communicating them that ties teams together. Communicating the items on this list plays a major role in scaling teams and leaders. With these things in place and communicated, it’s much easier to add people to a team, and then entire teams to an organization.
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The first two questions to ask when your team is struggling

I’ve never stepped into a leadership role without it quickly becoming clear why a new leader was needed. I think it’s normal for companies to hire new leaders when there are problems that need to be addressed. So I suspect that as the congratulations die down, it’s also normal to look at the set of problems that surround you and ask, “Where do I begin?” (also normal: “What have I done?!”).  I suggest instead starting with these two questions:
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Goodbye UX Design, (I thought) I Knew You Well..

This is tough to say, but I’m giving up on this whole UX Design career path, and more so, being in the field of User Experience Design – or a “practitioner” of it. You may be thinking “But Greg, you’re actually really good at UX”, or possibly the opposite.. I don’t know, and really it doesn’t matter either way. To be clear, I do really love creating great experiences. In fact, I dream it, breathe it and live it on a daily basis. It’s just who I am and have been since as far back in my life as I can recall.
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Longer-Term Outlook: 8 Forecasts For The Future

Forecasting the future is a fun exercise. I like to ask the question, “what about our work and lives today will feel ridiculous ten plus years from now?” What about the future will feel obvious in retrospect? Future forecasts are not an investment thesis because innovations, no matter how exciting they are, won’t happen until the present is ready for them (and this is why the best investors are more insightful about the present than they are about the future). But if you’re a product leader, entrepreneur, or very early-stage investor, future thinking tunes your attention and instincts. It also helps you determine whether a team is attempting to defy a likely outcome or make it happen in a better way.
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