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Here are the 25 most popular articles that have been published on my blog over the past 12 years.

These articles talk about the challenges of being a designer and creative director, trying to become a better leader, fostering the creative process and my insights on digital innovation. This site has been recognized with a Webby Award Honoree for Best Personal Website, named a Top 10 blogs for designers by HOW Magazine and one of the Top 100 Design Blogs to Follow. My articles have been featured on, CREATE magazine, Behance and LinkedIn’s Design, Social Media, Recruiting & Hiring and Big Ideas & Innovation channels.


1.) Are you a creative leader or manager?

What characteristics makes a great leader?
Read the article here


2.) Presenting Creative 101

Learn the basics of how to be a great presenter
Part 1  |  Part 2  |  Part 3


3.) The Inverse Facebook Experiment

Understanding the depth of a 'like'
Read the article here


4.) Practice safe design. Always use a strategy.

8 questions you have to ask and answer on every project
Read the article here


5.) Success is a choice (And everything else I've learned so far)

How to have a great creative career
Read the article here


6.) I’ve used the iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil and its amazing

Hands on with the iPad Pro
Read the article here



7.) Why is client-side creativity too often a self-defeating process?

What's wrong in corporate creativity?
Read the article here


8.) Jiro dreams of Sushi. You need to dream of design.

The power of eternal dissatisfaction
Read the article here


9.) Creativity is a blue collar profession

The truth behind ideas
Read the article here


10.) What Britney Spears can teach you about modern experiential branding?

Britney is the secret to social media
Read the article here


11.) Not Everyone Loves A Leader

The tough part of leadership
Read the article here



 12.) My design and leadership beliefs

My principles to rule them all
Read the article here


13.) Best New Digital Design Tools You’ve Never Heard Of

Best emerging design tools
Read the article here


14.) The interview process: A Creative Directors perspective

5 tips on how to get the job
Read the article here


15.) How to write a resume that will get you noticed

Stand out from the crowd
Read the article here


16.) Creative is all about R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Aretha had it right for us too
Read the article here


17.) Develop short term memory loss

Understand what you are designing
Read the article here


18.) 5 Ways To Build Rapport With Your Clients

How to connect with anyone
Read the article here



19.) A Creative Director’s 5 biggest portfolio warning signs

Portfolio as crystal ball
Read the article here

20.) Why ‘Move Fast and Break Stuff’ became ‘Slow Down and Fix Your Shit’

Making agile work
Read the article here


21.) Why good ideas will turn your clients into tiny drug addicts

Why good ideas are a drug
Read the article here


22.) Why did Google Glass go SO wrong?!?

The unspoken truth
Read the article here


23.) 10 Best Sketch Plug-ins

My favorite Sketch plug-ins.
Read the article here

24.) The Ego is Blogging

The article that started it all
Read the article here


25.) Wearable App Design Basics

Not a smaller iPhone app
Read the article here

Creative Director, Designer, Brand Builder, Speaker, Podcaster, Crazy One. As a designer, I have 20+ years experience creating the strategy, concepts, and designs for award-winning integrated global advertising campaigns, building multiple global Fortune 500 brands and creating innovative digital experiences. As a leader, I have 15+ years transforming agency and client-side teams using a mix of creativity, business strategy, process and political skill to create innovative, world-class work and cultures that change industries and companies. My clients have included American Airlines, W Hotels, Disney, Citi, ExxonMobil, Acura, Old Navy, Nationwide Insurance, Verizon, Subaru and many others. My work has received over 150 international awards, my app designs have been named as one of the World’s 100 Greatest Apps, Apple has featured my work in 9 keynotes, 4 TV commercials and more.

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