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  • Ze Frank – Thinking so you don’t have to

    Ze Frank is at it again. I first ran across Ze when I saw the classic and hysterical Flash site How...

    Stephen GatesJuly 31, 2006
  • Adobe Releases Flash Player 9

    In case you missed it, Adobe released Flash Player 9 a few weeks ago. The key differences for Flash Player V.9...

    Stephen GatesJuly 12, 2006
  • Podcasts worth a listen

    There are a lot of prodcasts out there but you quickly find a lot of quantity but very little quality. Here...

    Stephen GatesJune 9, 2006
  • PLAT4M – 2Advanced Blog

    I saw today that Eric Jordan and the guys over at 2Advanced have launched a new Blog called PLAT4M to go...

    Stephen GatesJune 7, 2006

    Xscope is a simple application I use on a daily basis. The screens feature lets you choose the screen size and...

    Stephen GatesMay 28, 2006

    I am not big on interactive design books. I am never inspired by the designs I see and they are usual...

    Stephen GatesMay 26, 2006

    If you travel then this site is a life saver and you will never get stuck with a bad seat again....

    Stephen GatesMay 22, 2006
  • RESOURCE – The Greeking Machine

    On the road working on a comp and can’t find your Greeking file? Never fear – The Greeking Machine is here....

    Stephen GatesMay 22, 2006

    Over the past few years I have been luck enough to have been able to travel and work with clients all...

    Stephen GatesMay 22, 2006
  • Practice safe design. Always use a strategy.

    The 8 questions have to answer on every single project, every single time.

    Stephen GatesMay 22, 2006
  • INISGHT – Macromedia XD Blog

    It’s worth checking out the this blog which is run by Josh Ulm and the experience design team at Macromedia. Subjects...

    Stephen GatesMay 19, 2006
  • Search in a SNAP

    I came across this new search engine this week and it is the first one I have seen in a long...

    Stephen GatesMay 19, 2006
  • Bad Design Kills

    I love everything about this site. It is funny and full of really well designed posters and other propoganda from a...

    Stephen GatesMay 18, 2006
  • Can you resist?

    Don” is a fantastic usability experient that take a whole new look at interaction design. The entire site is navigated only...

    Stephen GatesMay 18, 2006
Creative Director, Designer, Brand Builder, Speaker, Podcaster, Crazy One. As a designer, I have 20+ years experience creating the strategy, concepts, and designs for award-winning integrated global advertising campaigns, building multiple global Fortune 500 brands and creating innovative digital experiences. As a leader, I have 15+ years transforming agency and client-side teams using a mix of creativity, business strategy, process and political skill to create innovative, world-class work and cultures that change industries and companies. My clients have included American Airlines, W Hotels, Disney, Citi, ExxonMobil, Acura, Old Navy, Nationwide Insurance, Verizon, Subaru and many others. My work has received over 150 international awards, my app designs have been named as one of the World’s 100 Greatest Apps, Apple has featured my work in 9 keynotes, 4 TV commercials and more.

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