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Traditional advertising

  • HP’s Society for Parental Mind Control

    HP has launched a new campaign target at teens called The Society for Parental Mind Control. The design looks like it...

    Stephen GatesAugust 8, 2007
  • Apple’s Advertising = Ripoff?

    I was cruising through Engadget today when a headline and article caught my eye. Entitled ‘Apple’s little problem with ripping off...

    Stephen GatesJuly 10, 2007
  • Happy Father’s Day

    Simple, product focused and funny.

    Stephen GatesJune 18, 2007
  • BMW 3 Series Convertible

    I know I have been bashing a lot of TV spots lately so I thought I would try and even things...

    Stephen GatesMay 29, 2007
  • BP – A Little Better Gas Station?

    BP has been an interesting brand that I have watched over the past few years because they have been able to...

    Stephen GatesMay 29, 2007
  • KFC undercooks another concept

    I receive an email yesterday from a PR firm trying to get me write a glow review of the latest KFC...

    Stephen GatesMay 23, 2007
  • Tokyo Plastic at it again for Toyota Yaris TV

    For those of you who pay close attention may have notice a recognizable style in the last round of TV commercial...

    Stephen GatesApril 28, 2007
  • less (red)

    Recently several large trade publications have publish articles about the massive amount of money that has been spent on the (red)...

    Stephen GatesMarch 13, 2007
  • Adidas loves competition

    Saw this new ad today for Adidas which simply reads “Nike has great ads. Adidas loves competition.” It is a simple...

    Stephen GatesMarch 7, 2007
  • MINI Hammer & Coop

    Looking like to took inspiration from it’s parent company BMW and the characters in the Beasty Boys “Sabotage” music video, Mini...

    Stephen GatesFebruary 21, 2007
  • Sprint decides screwing up their brand isn’t enough

    I used to keep a large red poster in my office that simply read “Good advertising goes to heaven. Bad advertising...

    Stephen GatesFebruary 13, 2007
  • What the hell went wrong with Saturn?

    I saw the headlines in the advertising trades this week announcing that Saturn had moved their account to Deutsch Los Angeles...

    Stephen GatesFebruary 13, 2007
  • Mini interactive billboards

    I was on my way through New York City today and something caught my eye. Mini has launched new interactive billboards...

    Stephen GatesFebruary 7, 2007
  • The Coca-Cola Happiness Factory

    Wieden + Kennedy’s Amsterdam office has created a stunning new commercial for Coca-cola called “The Happiness Factory”. The spot was created...

    Stephen GatesJanuary 25, 2007
  • MINI yo-yo

    Mini Cooper has created a really cool outdoor ad in Italy. A life size fibreglass Mini was attached to ramp in...

    Stephen GatesJanuary 10, 2007