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  • Use mobile photography to design your next pair of NIKE’s

    This launched a little while ago but it is still cool if you haven’t seen it. Nike launched a new area...

    Stephen GatesJuly 14, 2008
  • Subaru gets Sexy

    It is always strange when you see new work from an old client especially when it is pretty good. It’s like...

    Stephen GatesJuly 7, 2008
  • NowPublic – Crowd Powered Media

    Any one who has been awake for the past few years has seen the rise of user generated content in how...

    Stephen GatesJuly 2, 2008
  • Taking Flash off the screen with Adobe Creativity Conducted

    I saw Ken Martin the Chief Creative Officer at Blitz, an interactive agency from Los Angeles, today and it reminded me...

    Stephen GatesJune 4, 2008
  • Redefining words with The Big Word Project

    Following the footsteps of the now dead, The Big Word Project is one of those sites that when you see...

    Stephen GatesJune 2, 2008
  • Brand Tags – Using clouds to explore brand perception

    We all know that since branding deal with perception that it can be more art than science. Noah Brier who is...

    Stephen GatesMay 14, 2008
  • Modernista! radical redesign

    It seems like it is the season for agency site redesigns as Modernista! relaunched their site last week. With the site...

    Stephen GatesApril 4, 2008
  • Scion Speaks with your own coat of arms

    Scion has launched a new microsite called Scion Speak that let’s users create their own Scion coat of arms. This site...

    Stephen GatesMarch 29, 2008
  • is bringing the wave back

    I am once again very excited to announce an innovative interactive experience for Sheraton hotels we create with Avenue A/Razorfish. As...

    Stephen GatesMarch 16, 2008
  • Sprout could grow into something great

    I have been waiting all year from some to design something that would get me excited and today it showed up....

    Stephen GatesFebruary 28, 2008
  • My Talking Stain

    One of the favorite commercials from the Super Bowl was for Tide and the Talking Stain which featured an unsightly, chatty...

    Stephen GatesFebruary 7, 2008
  • Blurb publishing

    Being able to create and publish your own book isn’t anything new since iPhoto has been doing it for years. I...

    Stephen GatesJanuary 23, 2008
  • Happy Holidays

    With the holidays fast approaching I thought I would share two interactive greeting cards worth checking out. Grow A Xmas Tree...

    Stephen GatesDecember 22, 2007
  • The U.K. has some pissed off hamburgers

    Burger King in the U.K. has launched a new microsite called Angry Gram to promote their new spicy Angry Whopper. You...

    Stephen GatesDecember 18, 2007
  • Get Munked

    Stephen GatesNovember 24, 2007