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  • Hey Statefarm Insurance, STOP SCREWING IT UP FOR THE REST OF US!

    I create online advertising so I have an understanding of what you have to do some times to get noticed. As...

    Online advertising reviewStephen GatesSeptember 10, 2006
  • GypsyCabProject

    I’m not someone who feels the need to gush about everything Crispin Porter + Bogusky does. As a matter of fact...

    Design & user experienceStephen GatesSeptember 5, 2006
  • Consumers star in Levi’s new viral campaign

    Levi’s is launching a viral campaign that let’s consumers star in their own personalized version of the reality TV spoof “jeans...

    Design & user experienceStephen GatesSeptember 5, 2006
  • Visionaire – The world’s most expensive magazine

    My wife recently turned me on to a very interesting magazine called Visionaire. It is a very unique multiformat magazine that...

    Design CutureStephen GatesSeptember 4, 2006
  • ThirdEye Design

    Thought the new portfolio site for the ThirdEye Design group was interesting. Nice consistent use of a design theme that is...

    Design & user experienceStephen GatesSeptember 4, 2006
  • Self_Titled

    Saw this site called Self_Titled today and thought it was really interesting. It has been a while since I have seen...

    Design & user experienceStephen GatesAugust 29, 2006
  • A different take on stock image search

    One of the designers I work with sent me a link to this new Japanese stock photo site. It is an...

    Design & user experienceStephen GatesAugust 27, 2006
  • Gucci thinks Flash is out of style

    I saw where Gucci recently re-launch their website. At first glance, the site has a slick scrolling interface but if you...

    Exceptional designStephen GatesAugust 25, 2006
  • Yang Rutherford

    I had an extraordinary experience in December 2004 when I traveled to Hong Kong for business. I was there to pitch...

    Exceptional creativeStephen GatesAugust 24, 2006
  • IKEA Elevator

    Saw this site from IKEA in Sweden today. I have no idea what it says but the use of video and...

    Design & user experienceStephen GatesAugust 23, 2006
  • BBC1 launches MusicCubes

    The rise of the iPod and other digital media has been sent the numbers of young people listening to the radio...

    Design & user experienceStephen GatesAugust 22, 2006
  • Bold Moves from Ford

    These days every communication that comes out of any major company is so overly polished and thought out that consumers have...

    Site reviewStephen GatesAugust 16, 2006
  • Helvetica – The Movie

    I came across one of the more interesting movie teasers I had seen in a long time for a new documentary...

    Design CutureStephen GatesAugust 16, 2006
  • Back to NYC

    Just an FYI that I may not be able to post as regularly as I would like over the next few...

    Shameless self promotionStephen GatesAugust 12, 2006
Creative Director, Designer, Brand Builder, Speaker, Podcaster, Crazy One. As a designer, I have 20+ years experience creating the strategy, concepts, and designs for award-winning integrated global advertising campaigns, building multiple global Fortune 500 brands and creating innovative digital experiences. As a leader, I have 15+ years transforming agency and client-side teams using a mix of creativity, business strategy, process and political skill to create innovative, world-class work and cultures that change industries and companies. My clients have included American Airlines, W Hotels, Disney, Citi, ExxonMobil, Acura, Old Navy, Nationwide Insurance, Verizon, Subaru and many others. My work has received over 150 international awards, my app designs have been named as one of the World’s 100 Greatest Apps, Apple has featured my work in 9 keynotes, 4 TV commercials and more.

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