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Sony PSP + Macromedia Flash = Untapped channel

Since August 2005 I have kept an eye on the Sony Playstation Portable (PSP) because I thought it could be the next hot youth marketing channel. For the non-gamers in the crowd, the PSP is Sony’s handheld gaming system with a display size is somewhere between a Palm pilot and small Sony notebook.

With Sony coming out with new and imaginative ways for gamers to get their fix, there is always going to be something new around the corner. Gamers want to be thrilled and excited for upcoming releases and Playstation needs to fulfill those requirements for them to keep coming back. Whether that be new ways of playing games or custom Playstation controllers from websites like Omega Mods, there are more and more ways gamers get pulled into this universe and get to play to their hearts’ content.

Sony has used a series of firmware updates to upgrade the functionality of the PSP. In August of last year they combined the PSP’s wireless functionality with a firmware upgrade that added a decent web browser to the device. The glaring omission was that the browser had no Flash Player support. That omission was fixed this past April with another firmware update that allows the PSP to play Flash 6 content. You are still limited by the PSP’s small 32MB memory but it is more than enough for a small Flash site and games.

This is the first device to put a web browser and Flash into such a small youth target piece of technology. Sony is selling around 1 million PSP’s a month worldwide and the possibilities are intriguing. There have been a few lame attempts to market to PSP’s users by brand like Reebok but no one has even begun to tap into the real potential of this new channel.

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