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There are a lot of podcasts out there but you quickly find a lot of quantity but very little quality. How do we decide which podcast is worth listening to? It’s a tough question to answer, however, if they have the help of podcast production companies such as Lower Street, they needn’t worry about the quality of the production which may in turn help in getting more listeners.
Here are two podcasts and an individual MP3 that are worth your time.

Practical Web Design Magazine
This podcast is out of the U.K. and put together by Practical Web Design Magazine and is hosted by Paul Boag. This is the only web design focused podcast that I have found that is worth your time. The other podcasts on this subject are usually light on information and heavy on self promotion. Amateur and junior designers will get the most out of this podcast as it is filled with smart insight and good advice. Professionals can also find new information, news and some good tips. Topics range from “Holistic design: getting the perfect skillset” to “The top 10 tips to promoting your web site”. So if you are looking for some web design services, you can have a listen to this as part of your research.

In iTunes search for “practical web design” or you can download it here. You can also check out Paul Boag’s web site here.

Photoshop Killer Tips
I have been using Photoshop since version 1.0 and have used it about every day since then. This podcast is put together by Matt Kloskowski and the National Association of Photoshop Professionals and is a daily video tutorials covering a wide variety of topics. The videos are short and to the point and even the most seasoned designer will find new tips, tricks, workarounds and undocumented tricks.

In iTunes search for “Photoshop killer tips “or you can download it here.

Web Essentials 2005: Beyond Usability: Designing the Complete User Experience
The latest Web Essentials conference was held in September 2005 in Sydney, Australia. They have made 19 podcasts of the sessions and panels available for download. One of these really stands out as something you should listen to and I even sent it to all the designers in my studio. Beyond Usability: Designing the Complete User Experience is presented by Jeffrey Veen of Adaptive Path and takes a broad survey of the challenges designers face today, and how we’re all solving those problems with new perspectives on user research, interaction design, and information architecture.

In iTunes search for “web essentials 2005 “or you can download the MP3 here. Download the corresponding presentation slides here.

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