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Urban Silo

Took some time to explore the site for Urban Silo which the site for Jim Elliott who is a creative director in Seattle. The look is clean and the interface made up of various numbers of hanging tags is intriguing and original. My only complaint is that I wish the interaction with this interface was more fluid and forgiving. It is a simple thing but many times it is hard to get the right tag to the middle of the circle which the only position you can click on a tag to explore it. This problem is fixed once you have selected a tag as small arrows appear which let to scroll through the tags one at a time. The interface also does require a decent amount of exploration to find which items are clickable, how to move between the different levels of content and what those items or symbols will do.

I love the ability to blow up and drag around on the work so you can see the detail which is something that is lacking from so many other sites. The site creates a fresh new look at how an interface can work and makes great steps to improve on what a portfolio site can become. It is the worth the time to check out.

Urban Silo

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