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BBDO Detroit has recently launched a new TV campaign and web site for Chrysler Motors to promote their new round of sales incentives. The campaign centers around Dr. Z who happens to be real and is Dieter Zetsche the chairman of DaimlerChrysler. The TV commercials are uninspired and Dr. Z comes across like a low grade Joe Isuzu. I thought I would see if the web site was any better. let’s you do two things – watch the commercials and read or ask Dr. Z a question. The interface and display of the questions reminds me those old text based adventure games like Zork since the majority of the site is made up of lists of text. You can see recent questions or search the database of over 1 and half million questions he has answered. As you read and search through the questions you quickly find yourself thinking that none of them came from a real person as they are all too carefully crafted and written to be believable. This is another case of where user generated content falls flat since there is no information users will connect with and there are no insights that will keep them coming back to the site. None of it makes me want to buy a car and aside from the logos across the bottom of the page I couldn’t find one link to a car maker or car model to take advantage of the pricing incentive. In the end is a snore and you will be looking for your favorite bookmarks after only a few minutes.

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