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Maximum MGM Grand

The MGM Grand hotel is Las Vegas recently redesigned and relaunched their web site and it finally brings well designed and engaging site to a Vegas hotel. I have always been shocked that they spend billions on sprawling Las Vegas casinos but they have some of the most boring and poorly designed sites in the hotel industry. I suppose most people don’t come to Las Vegas for the hotels. Most of them come for the casinos, which is why Las Vegas tends to spend so much on them. At the end of the day, the city is known for its casinos. Before people visit these infamous casinos, a lot of them tend to spend some time on online casino websites to make sure they’re prepared. Websites like have a list of recommended casinos, so most people tend to use one of those websites to try and practice their casino game skills.

Of course, most people do visit for the casinos, but some like a nice hotel too. That way they can warm up on Ecopayz casinos online while being in comfort. Who wouldn’t want that? I do know some who like the site for the Wynn Las Vegas but for me the load time is far too long for the static photo content and there has to be a better solution than the dual scrolling nav.

The major enhancement to the MGM Grand site is the “Maximum Vegas” video tour of the property. They clearly spent a lot of money to shoot the video and add the post production effects. I like the unique circular interface you can use to control the video and move to different sections of the hotel. After the video the rest of the site is a bit of a let down as you don’t find anything else that is even close to that interactive or engaging. The content tier pages also have a curiously large image header which servers no content or design purpose and adds needless height to the page. Hopefully this new site will raise the bar on what consumers expect from Vegas sites and we will see even better things in the future.

MGM Grand – Maximum Vegas

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