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Uniqlo – Now THAT is a product catalog


I was in New York city this week and saw a lot of very cool outdoor ads for the Asia retailer Uniqlo who opened thier new Flagship store in Soho this week. A friend of mine over at BBDO Atmosphere (thanks Arturo) sent me a link to their site and I was absolutely blown away by the Uniqlo Explorer which is the best online product catalog I have ever seen.

You click on the button for the Explorer and it loads the catalog as a photomosaic of the image that was displayed on the home page. You can then browse to specific category and you will get an entire screen of scrolling thumbnails of their products. You can click on one of the products and it will pull up a larger version of the product. Once you have seen enough click on the floating product and site will create a new photomosaic of the product you were just looking. This is what makes this not only the most unique e-commerce site I have ever seen but easily one of the most impressive displays of Actionscripting I have ever seen. It is easy to dismiss the effect when it happens from the home page because you think they have pre-scripted the mosaics based on those initial pictures. But when you see it create one on the fly you realize that those mosaics are all quickly being created dynamically. The rest of the site is also full of interesting design and content so click around and see it all.

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