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OfficeMax launches 20 holiday microsites

I was cruising through Communication Arts web site today and saw a headline that OfficeMax had launched 20 holiday themed microsites to promote their brand. I do have to say that the write up did make me laugh as it toted this event as the most sites launched at one time by an office supply retailer which seems to me like kind of a low bar to get over. The sites are simple games, gags and image manipulation that could have been housed under one URL but where is the press in that? Some of the sites include:

Mistletoe In An Elevator – A hidden camera style perspective of an elevator with two office workers entranced by the power of mistletoe.

Conspiracy Carols – Subversive messages buried inside Christmas carols? It’s better than playing a Pink Floyd album backwards because you get to write your own message and share it with your fellow conspiracy theorists.

Everythings A Reindeer – In a move usually only reserved for the dog, you can attach reindeer antlers to pictures of your family and friends.

Stuck To A Pole – You can manipulate a small mentally damaged child who has his tongue stuck to a pole to make his perform a variety of mildly funny dance moves, songs, etc..

Elf Yourself – Probably the most interesting of the bunch, you can upload a picture of your face, call the special phone number and record a personalized holiday greeting and your face gets digitally attached to an elf’s body and the voice recording gets “elf-ed”. It is a nice viral execution that integrates multiple points of information input.

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