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Holiday e-card round-up

A few holiday cards caught my eye this year for a number of reasons so I thought I would list a few.

Cake-O-Matic – Though some users may be put-off by dropping Santa in a blender, Resource Interactive holiday card allows you to create custom fruitcakes from a variety of ingredients including Barbie, Elmo and a Wii.

RGA Holiday Card – This card chose origami as the inspiration for this year’s holiday card. It is not nearly as impressive as their cards from years past and for a card from an interactive company it is not very interactive at all. I expected more from them and would have thought they would have made better use of the medium.

Starwood IMC Holiday Card – What’s the holidays without a little shameless self promotion? This card was created by my team at Starwood and was produced by Domani Studios. The string of lights are used as a time line to show all the accomplishments of the interactive marketing group over the past year.

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