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Backstage at Accenture

Career sites have always been a boring text driven experience that rarely give you any insight into the company or position you are reading about but Accenture has decided to take a different route with Backstage at Accenture. The concept of the site is that you can interview 6 different real employees of Accenture to find out more about the company. The concept is sound and the site makes good use of Flash video for all the employees and host. The problem is that like so many other sites and advertisements that have tried this approach it rings hollow as the employees all sound and act tightly scripted and it keeps you from buying into the fact that this is a real backstage look at the company. It is nice to see that they did do more than just talking heads as all the sections have small trivia games you can play which make the site more than just a passive watching experience. The production value is very high as the video as well integrated and 3D animated set pieces keep things clear and add some life to the different sections.

The biggest let down is what should be the star of the show – the job listings. They appear almost as an afterthought being listed on the right hand side of the page with only a simple and clumsy ‘previous’ and ‘next’ interface to move through the list of jobs. You have to figure out to click the ‘close’ button in the upper right to go to the real careers section which is the standard site you have seen a million times before and was probably designed by someone in their IT department.

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