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One of my co-workers turned me on to a site called Etsy today. At first glance it doesn’t look like anything special since it is a marketplace for handmade products with a clean but un-remarkable home page. But once you dig into the site you find there are multiple ways to navigate through the content and there are a lot of really interesting interfaces. My favorite are:

Treasury – This section uses the concept of community browsing which I have been dying to do for a client for years. You can see the cursors of the other members as they browse through the section of items that have been picked by members.

Colors – You can explore products by choosing colors you like and it will return products to match.

Geolocator – This isn’t anything new but it is very well done. You can explore the map, find an area of interest and click to see merchants in that area.

Time Machine – An interesting spiral interface that lets you move through products that have ben recently listed.

Connections – A visual representation of a relational database of vendors and the people they like best.

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