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Converse has launched a new version of their website The new site is all done in Flash takes advantage of the motion and non-standard interface design you can create with Flash but it is ultimately the sites biggest downfall.

The main navigation is a floating circular disc which moves depending on the section of the site and houses the four main sections of the site. Secondary nav is listed down the left hand side of the site and spring out when you roll over to reveal a variety of content. Content is usually shown in a module that only takes up about a third of the page and this is surprisingly small given the fixed site size. Browsing the inventory is straight forward with the usual options with a few upgrades and embellishments that are available because of Flash.

All of these parts adds up to several large problems. First, the relationship between the main nav, secondary nav and content feeling awkward with too much un-used dead space. The eye lines are broken and many of the pages have no visual center that path to lead the user through the page. Next, is that the interface designs feels like it was done by several designs who never met as different section have different navigation schemes and none of it leads to a consistent feel or experience.

In the end the new is a project that should have spent a lot more time in information architecture and less time in design and Flash prototyping. It is unfortunate that this site seems to have been lead more by production technique than thinking and strategy.

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