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A creative visual resume

About a year ago I was going through a stack of resumes trying to find someone to fill an open art director position I had in my group and as I sat there I realized that for such a creative group of people their resumes were really boring and all adhered to the same tired standards found in every other profession. Why did no one try something new? Why wasn’t there one designer who took on their resume as design challenge to do something visual and different? I also realized that I was just as guilty as everyone else so I set out to design something different. So after some work in my spare time I have the design shown above (click on it to see it full sized). It is just a start and it feels like it is heading in an interesting direction but let me know what you think. Plus if you want to try a version of your own or have one already send it on and I will post it so it can be part of the exploration and conversation.


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