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VUZE beta

Anyone who has been paying attention the past year and a half knows that video is the new standard on the Internet brought about by the rise of broadband. Last Christmas finally saw hi-definition video enter the mainstream with the price drop of HDTV’s and the introduction of technology like Blu-ray and the PS3. The combination of the two have slowly been finding they way on to the Internet and I usually get my fix from the movie trailers on but lately I have been using the new beta of Vuze. It is a BitTorrent client that was developed to be a high-resolution content platform and houses a lot of great content. Most content is free but there is some content that can be purchased or rented and this is mostly broadcast content from channels like Showtime, A&E and more. One of the biggest reasons I keep coming back to the it is the that when you sign up it downloads the application to your desktop so all content is unified into one simple and very nice interface. The dark grey colors and content buckets make me nostalgic for my past life as a Discreet (now Autodesk) Flame video and special effects composting artist but interface is very well done and makes navigating the content easy. It will be interesting to see if content channels like this continue to grow as I would much rather use something like this than for video content than wade through the floor on YouTube.

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