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WSJ Creative Leader Challenge 2007

A friend sent me a link today to a really interesting site from The Wall Street Journal called The Creative Leadership Series. The campaign is not new since it has been going on 15 years highlighting over 100 of the world’s best advertising creatives. I love this campaign as it is one of the only high profile platforms that the creative who work behind the scenes get to take a bow in a non-industry forum. I personally agree with a lot of the selection but I also think that based on meeting and working with some of them that they are mediocre creatives with good PR agents.

The Wall Street Hournal is now re-lauching the campaign and they are opening up the process to the public to choose the new creative that will be featured in the new campaign. All you have to do to enter is interview the person you want to enter, add your comments, upload their photo and you are done. All entries must be in by midnight June 23rd so hurry up and enter!

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