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AH le film

One of my partners in crime at work sent me a strange and interesting site today called AH le film. Very little of the site is in English but I think this is a promotional site for a animated film. The interface is one of the most unique and disturbing ones I have ever seen since it has you controlling a little girl running through a Dali style wasteland littered with bits of alphabet soup and half-buried kids. You run up to one of the heads and the alphabet soup style letters float up to reveal what that section contains. This is an interesting and engaging way to get around the site but it can be hard to find the content you are looking for since the whole world looks the same and sometimes getting the content to trigger is a bit of a trick. So while it is disturbing I really love the visual style and unique approach this site uses and it is worth checking out.

Thanks to Arturo over at BBDO Atmosphere for the info that this is actually a student film created by three students. Click here to see the whole film on YouTube.

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