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Still Alive

Still Alive is a really interesting multiuser interactive experience where you can stitch nature and animals from the Brazilian rain forest. Enter your name to get started and will see a ghosted back image of a tree you can use as a reference or you can stitch whatever you want on the canvas. You can also see all the other users who are on the site at the same time as you and you can see what they are stitching on the canvas. It is interesting to watch to see how people use the canvas as it ranges from some people who use as intended to make art while others do all sorts of things like use it as a visual chat engine.

The interface for the stitching is simple enough but you can also access more detail about the project through navigation at the bottom of the page. This content appears thanks to a cat’s paw that moves the canvas out of the way to reveal the content. I struggle with how a house cat fit’s into a project about saving the rain forest.

So while the site is cool and is an interesting experience, it seems like it could be doing a lot more for the cause since there is no call to action, no action being taken by based on visits to the site or anything more than a semi-hidden awareness message. The multiuser aspect does set it apart from other sites like NEC ecotonoha but since it doesn’t have the actual impact like that project did in the real world makes this site feel more like just a cool design than actually making a difference.

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