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Buddakan NYC

I have to give a lot of credit to the Star Restaurant Group for being a company that really knows what they are doing not only when it comes to creating amazing restaurants but also for having the vision to know the experience goes beyond the food. Star owns Morimoto which is my favorite restaurant here in New York which has a cool web site that I have written about before. They also own my second favorite restaurant called Buddakan which is right around the corner from Morimoto in the Meat Packing district. I saw today that Buddakan has also launched a new site designed by 160over90 which is equally as engaging and unexpected at the site for Morimoto. The site lets you choose from one of two groups of images located on either side of the screen. the images are of the food, restaurant and asian design elements and choosing one of these will cause it move to the center of the screen where it is juxtposed with another image. It is nice break from the usual boring collection of menu that make up the focus of almost every other restaurant site and it gets people to engage with the content and immerse themselves in the look and vibe of the place.

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