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Internet brands Bonds

Fashion designer Mark Ecko recently bought Barry Bonds’ 756th home run ball at a Sotheby’s auction or just over $752,000. Ecko then did something wonderful and fascinating by letting the public decide the fate of the ball. The options were banishing the ball into outer space, giving it to the Baseball Hall of Fame or branding it with an asterisk to represent the popular thought that Bonds used steriods to accomplish the feat. Over 10 million people voted and yesterday Ecko revealed the landslide decision yesterday on the NBC’s Today Show where 47 percent voted to brand it and 34 percent voted to give it to the Hall of Fame. So the ball will be branded with an asterisk and the Hall of Fame has decided to accept it. It is a fascinating series of events where an online has been able to let the people have their voice and mark a piece of history forever with their opinion.

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