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Happy Holidays

With the holidays fast approaching I thought I would share two interactive greeting cards worth checking out.

Grow A Xmas Tree
Grow A Xmas Tree is a simple site where you can type a holiday message and the letters and words wrap around to make the tree. You customize two elements of the card by choosing from 5 different backgrounds and the colors of the type.

American Airlines Snowflake

The first half of the American Airlines Snowflake Builder really isn’t any different from other site I have seen that let you customize the various dimensions of a snowflake and release it out in to the storm. What does set it apart from those other sites in the last half of the site where American Airlines encourages customers to spread the holiday cheer and donate AAdvantage miles to worthy causes like the Make A Wish Foundation. This is one time it is nice to see no up sell, hard sell or any sell besides the attempt to get people to donate to worthy causes.

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