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Playstation 3 Universe

Sony Australia has launched a new site for the PlayStation 3. The site starts simply enough with the line “Do You Want to Live?” which launches the site into full-screen mode but this line is never paid off in the site experience. The site does not have a traditional interface as content is accessed by either clicking and holding to scroll through the universe or click on the floating cubes that house the site’s content. The cubes then open and you can navigate the subject matter by click on the right/left to move between sections and up/down to see the content in the chosen section. This all takes a little getting used to and the content is small you have to click the ‘+’ sign in the middle of the image or movie so it will expand to a size where you can actually see what it is.

It is one of the better examples I have seen of full-screen Flash using full motion video, voice over and animation. The full-experience is close to what you would see a few years ago on promotion CD-ROM’s. I struggle with the site for two reason. First, I bought a PS3 just after launch and I love it but design of the site has nothing to do with the design of PS3, it’s interface or anything I have seen from Sony I struggle to see how it ties back to the PS3’s branding. I would have thought they would have done something with the new black and white 3D animated style they have created in their TV spots. Second, the site is technically well done but it seems like it wouldn’t appeal to the young core audience who wants something flashier like the TV spots. Even I think the design and experience feels too low key and doesn’t show you the energy and fun you would find by buying the game system.

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