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IKEA: You Need a Quiet Space

IKEA is at it again with a new site called You Need a Quiet Space. The site promotes their bedroom furniture and goes back to the conceptual execution of multiple settings that you can move through to see what is going on. The set-up for each part is that your life is hectic and you need a quiet place to escape – your IKEA bedroom. The idea is that you need a space of your own in the middle of a busy lifestyle, where you can have nice furniture and cute wallpapers to make it your own. You explore the setting in slow-motion video by clicking through multiple angles to see the scene and all the furniture.

It is all well done and executed but since this is the fourth or fifth site that used this same core executional concept it is isn’t enough and it is getting worn out and tired. They need to evolve and/or deepen the content to make it feel fresh. There are details like if you want to find out more about the furniture you are taken off the site and back to their corporate site but is a breakdown in the experience. Make the furniture as interactive as the room or something because I expected there to be some small about of information in the microsite and not have the polar options of either the name and price or the whole product sheet.

That being said, it has definitely made me think about getting some new furniture for my bedroom. I spent last night looking at canvas prints online to see if there were any I loved, but not only that, I have seen a wonderful bedframe on the IKEA website and I have also seen some gorgeous bedspreads too. To be honest, it is also about time that I invested in a new mattress. I have been thinking about getting a memory foam mattress for a while now. I should probably start by doing some research into what’s a good memory foam mattress first though as I am no expert where mattresses are concerned.

In the end though for me it is a shame that their advertising is starting to feel as modular as their furniture.

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