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Join the Swiss Army online (knife not included)

The Swiss Army is taking an interesting new approach to their recruiting.
Instead of using TV they launched a new web site that gives visitors a battery of tests covering multi-tasking, spacial thinking, memory and concentration which are all the areas you would use a real-life battle.

The site and tests are audio driven by an accented and authoritative voice that leads you through the experience. The tests are a simple combination of graphics or problems like in multitasking you have to drag a ball in a semi-circle without letting it wander out while also clicking on a certain color ball when it pops up randomly on the right and also solving math problems. Your score is then ranked against the average test taker so you know where you rank.

The whole experience is engaging and the fresh approach to the problem really works. I even love how it has the clean and minimal design look you would expect from the Swiss. It is worth checking out and see if you are military material.

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