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Nike builds a virtual hotel in Suite 23

Nike has recently launched a new site for their Jumpman brand called Suite 23. The site is created as a hotel brought to life in an early video game style 3D. You navigate the space by clicking and holding to reveal a circular ring where your movements inside of the ring translate to front, back right and left movements through the 3D space. There is a more traditional menu that appears at the top of the site but it leaves you wishing it was created as uniquely as the rest of the site.

It is an impressive display of technical 3D and video prowess at this point in the Flash players development. As for the concept, I am growing increasing tired of writing the same criticisms over and over again about how there needs to be a better balance of style of substance. In this case the product technique is cool but when it is all boiled down the site is little more than a glorified photo and video gallery.

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