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Redefining words with The Big Word Project

Following the footsteps of the now dead, The Big Word Project is one of those sites that when you see it you say “Damn it I wish I would have thought of that”.

The site was created two Masters students from Northern Ireland who wanted to explore changing the definitions of words so they mean altogether different things and make some money doing it. The concept of the site is simple, when you go to the site you can purchase a word for $1 a letter from their list and associate it with any site you want. That way when you anyone goes to the site, searches for that work and clicks on they will go to the site you chose for it. In my case I bought ‘GATES’ so when you click on that it goes to my portfolio site. So far there have been 5,499 words that have been purchased and redefined.

I think the idea is a great one not only because it is a way for two college kids to make a lot of money but because it fun to click around and see hat people have done with the words and where they linked them to.

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