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Use mobile photography to design your next pair of NIKE’s

This launched a little while ago but it is still cool if you haven’t seen it. Nike launched a new area on their online store called Photo ID that lets you use your mobile phone to turn your photos or surroundings into a custom pair of Nike shoes. It is just for Nike customers in the U.K., Germany, Italy and Finland and they can use whatever visual inspiration they find, snap a shot with their phone and text the word “DUNK” to specific number. The site takes the dominant colors from the photos and matches it to the Nike color options. The final shoes can then be saved as mobile wallpaper, sent to a friend, and most importantly purchased so you can wear your creation. Right now the site is only offering the Dunk which is a classic basketball shoe originally launched in 1985 but there are promises of more in the future.

This is probably one of the most unique uses of mobile I have ever seen because it takes the channel beyond taking a picture and posting it to your Facebook page and ties into a brand, their products and product personalization. It is that combination of the unique use of the media and the personalization that makes it so special. The uniqueness of the execution gets your attention but the personalization gives you a sense of investment into the product. It is that investment that makes the product feel special to each person and they feel like they have been part of the design process of one of the world’s best brands. Getting consumer invested at a such core emotion level into your brand is a trick everyone is trying to capture so I am sure this site will it’s copycats before too long.

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