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IKEA’s extremely cool and interactive music based closets

I got an email today from the agency Forsman & Bodenfors that they have just created and launched the latest IKEA site called ‘Come into the Closet’. It’s currently all in Swedish and is a sequel of sorts to its original “Come into the Closet” campaign from two years ago.

There are a total of five different rooms and the inhabitants of the room are controlled by music. It is kind of like an interactive version of the Tokyo Plastic site with a sprinkle a FatBoy Slim video. The music starts as a loop but you can influence it with your mouse and keyboard. Hit the Enter or Spacebar and see the twitchy motions of the rooms’ guests change with the changes you create in the music. One of the coolest features is that you can bust out your own tunes by uploading your own MP3s to create the ‘soundtrack of home life’. If that doesn’t appeal to you then if you have a microphone connected you can also make any kind of sound and the characters on the website will move around to those sounds accordingly. It is far more engaging and interactive site than their last several launches and really draws the consumer into the site. Again I think this step to take it from a passive experience into one you can interact with and that has consumers investing something into experience really pays off.

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