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2 brands enter, 1 brand leave


Back in May I wrote about that was created by Noah Brier who is a strategist with Naked Communications and had launched an this interesting experiment to explore the popular perception of numerous major brands. Over the past few months there are a lot more brands participating and a lot more people participating so it continues to be a great experiment and knowledge center. They have just added a new wrinkle called Battle Mode where you are shown two brands chosen at random and asked to choose the one you like better. It is again a really interesting exercise when you put different brands that represent different products in different categories together and you choose based on your perception of them and hopefully not their logo design. When you get tired of going through the battle you can go to the leaderboard to see which brands win their fights most often. It comes as no surprise that Pixar, Adidas, Ferrari, Google and Lego make up the top 5 tight now. It again will be interesting to see how this evolves and changes as more brands get involved and more people people take part in the battle.


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