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Evernote – A concepting, notetaking iPhone app

One of the burdens of the new App Store for the iPhone is that you really have no choice but to download a lot of apps, try them out and trash what you don’t like. For the past week I have been using a new one called Evernote that has quickly become the most used one on my phone. At it’s core it is just a not taking application where you can record your ideas in writing, photos or voice recordings and this isn’t anything earth shattering. The thing that made it special and has me using it so much is that in addition to the iPhone app you can also download a desktop version or log in to a web version which are all synced together. Each version is a little different so the voice recording that is on the iPhone becomes iSight notes on the desktop version and it adds the ability to take screenshots and attach those to notes which isn’t in the other two versions. It is the ability to sync all of this together and the fact that they have created each version to take advantage of it’s platform that makes it work so. The more I use it the more I way way of working with it changes to take advantage of it’s features. The only addition I would love would be the ability to have a sketch pad in the iPhone version so I can concept on the run but their solution is concept on paper and then take a photo of it.

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