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Wii shakes up YouTube

A friend of mine sent me a link to a video for a Nintendo Wii game called on YouTube this morning. I find the Wii interesting but I spend my free time on my PS3 but I clicked on it anyway since he usually send me cool stuff. The page was called “Wario Land: Shake It – Amazing footage!” and I started to watch the video and after about 10-15 seconds I just didn’t know why he sent it to me. It was just footage of the main character running through the game matched with an illustration of how you had to move and shake the Wii-mote. After that 15 seconds or so the ad started to unfold as with each shake of the illustrated Wii-mote the page started to shake and the elements started to come apart. It strongly reminded me of the HEMA ad I wrote about a in December of last year which did something similar but their version was cooler and more complicated. This one is fun and it is nice to see YouTube be willing to do something different with one of their channels.

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