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Sprint dials up a widget-a-polooza


Sprint recently launched a new site that is meant to show off the brands new Now Network broadband cards. The site is a one page design that is crammed with what seems like hundreds of widgets displaying all kinds of data. It makes a powerful first impression and a nice way to show what is possible with the service but that initial impression loses some shine on closer inspection you see that a lot of the widgets are only updating daily and are more about movement and animation than real functionality. The only standout from that is the internet buzz meters where you can type in two different words to compare their buzz based on Google search terms in the past hour. If you want you can also take the experience with you Facebook, MySpace or even your computer desktop. I am still waiting for a break through idea for this product because it seems like it has a lot of potential but no one has really found the way to have it be adopted by a wider audience.

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