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Unique Interactive E-Commerce at Thank You Begins with a T


Shopping for clothes online is the usual journey into information architecture as you pick a thumbnail you like, choose a color and size before heading to the checkout. The new site Thank You Begins with a T takes that experience to a whole new and never seen before level. Each shirt is an interactive experience unto itself where the model wearing the shirt creates the experience and interaction with a black market they use on the screen. the interactions range from an interactive game of tic-tac-toe with the model, a button that will put the model in a chicken suit or even play a game of pong. After you play around with all of the options and try to buy one of the shirts you will find out that it is all a promo for the clients and friends of the agency This Is Grow and the launch of their new upcoming site. It’s a really smart way to promote the agency because it is fun, imaginative and unlike anything I have seen before. All things every client is looking for.

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