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GE Smart Grid goes web 4.0 with augmented reality

During the Superbowl GE launched their new ‘Plug into the smart grid’ campaign and also launched a supporting web site. The site is very well done with simple but very rich and detailed 3D animations to illustrate the content. But far and away the coolest part of the site is called ‘Augmented Reality’ where you print out a solar panel marker, hold it up in front of your web cam and it generates a digital 3D hologram you can manipulate my moving the paper around. I have seen technology like this in video games like Eye of Judgement for the PS3 which used card to spawn the digital holograms but this is the first time I have seen it in a branded form. I like it because it is a very cool technology but it is done with a purpose and it is done for a brand where it’s use makes sense. GE and this campaign are about innovation and imagination, here the use of this technology supports both of those brand attributes. If anyone has any links to other uses of this technology post them in the comments because I would be interested to see how it is done, who is doing it and if there are any better examples.

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