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Let your inner tagger out with WiiSpray

I got a note from a friend back in June about the thesis Martin Lihs was been working on over at Bauhaus Universit called WiiSpray. The description was about how Martin had used Wii Remote and turned into a spray can to create a communal virtual graffiti wall in which people can add their digital tags. At the time I thought it sounded like the work Blitz Interactive did for Adobe MAX 2008 when they created an interactive holographic wall experience that also used a Wii-mote to control it. But today I got a link to this video which show the WiiSpray in action and it far more impressive than I thought it would be. This video shows a very extensive color picker and interactive stencils you can spray through and around that are all controlled through the WiiSpray controller. You can read his blog and keep track of all of his progress here.

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