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Burger King site re-design does it your way

Crispin Porter has just launched the re-design of Burger King’s web site The re-design clearly tries to pay off the company tag line of ‘have it your way’ with site navigation that are three large sliders marked Fun, Food and King. You customize the content that is displayed by moving these sliders to have the content ‘your way’. The content is a mix of offers, company info and what feels like a Crispin Porter advertising shine with too many old campaigns dating back to Subservient Chicken.

I like the fact that the design is simple and focused on supporting the brand. I have mixed feelings about the overall experience because on the one hand the sliders create a hunt and peck feeling for me and I’m not sure if I am missing content I would have liked to have seen. I know the flip side of that is by creating that sense you are creating engagement and will have users spending time on a type of site they would normally not spend much time with.

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